Top 5 places for Litecoin news

Posted by Taras Lanchev on

We would be very surprised if someone in the world hasn't heard of Bitcoin. Mainstream media cannot stop covering the price volatilities that Bitcoin is going through and more and more people are jumping onboard

However, whilst the media is busy with Bitcoin, Litecoin is quickly advancing forward in terms of its recognition as a leading cryptocurrency and in terms of technology.

Litecoin is a faster, has a more decentralised proof-of-work algorithm and is also has a dedicated team who are working together to make it even better. The changes that the teams are making to the coin and the network come at a lightning fast pace and that's why we've compiled a list of the top 5 places for Litecoin news to keep you in the loop.

1. Charlie Lee

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but the first person on our list is the founder of Litecoin itself - Charlie Lee. Despite recently selling his whole stake in Litecoin, Charlie is still fully involved with the development and frequently posts about the direction of Litecoin and upcoming updates. It's a great source of information.

2. /r/LitecoinTraders/

This is subreddit a relatively new addition to Litecoin world. Nevertheless, this subreddit is full of useful information about anything to do with it. There are discussions about trading, news, technical analysis and of course daily discussions! It is a great source of news and information if you want to dive deeper into Litecoin.

3. Litecoin News

Litecoin News is another Twitter account that covers everything to do with a lighting fast cryptocurrency. This account always gives support and advice to the people looking to get started with Litecoin and always stays on top of the latest news. 

4. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is a leading source of all crypto news and not just Litecoin. Saying that, they spend a lot of time covering Litecoin alongside other cryptos. Another additional perk of following this source of is that they post price analysis almost daily and suggest opportunities which people may consider when trading Litecoin or other cryptos.

5. Forbes

Forbes is a final addition to our list and it may not be the most obvious one. Forbes doesn't cover crypto on the daily basis and it definitely not a cryptocurrency themed source. However, the reason why we included it in our list is because the editors and authors of Forbes are investors in Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Due to this, they write analytical articles about what they invest in and what their thoughts are on the prospects of certain coins. It is definitely a good source for the people who are interested how the Litecoin and the market will behave in the long term.