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Cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchain - are the trends of today and tomorrow. Somone who doesn't know what those words mean might think you are going insane, but in reality, it's them who are missing out. These words are normally associated with money and good life in general where you will be able to finally try lobsters and buy a yellow Lambo.

Because of that, Crypto Daddy has written a Crypto Bible for all those who are just starting to get into the crypto world. This Bible will have everything you need to go from someone who has no idea what crypto is to an investor with your first million. By the way, when you are cashing out your first million - don't forget to share some with us.

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What is a cryptocurrency (in simple terms)?

Let's start with the basics. After all, any self-respecting investor should be able to explain the principles of crypto to their grandma. If the task seems too hard, you can make the conversation sound more complicated than it needs to be by talking about unknown coins and tokens. You can also throw in the word "market capitalisation" to make yourself sound even smarter.

How many cryptocurrencies are there?

What is market capitalisation?

Cryptocurrency exchange rates

There are tons of different cryptos, but there is something common among all of them - a volatile exchange rate. To monitor the price of coins you can use

Where to check cryptocurrency prices and exchange rates?

Now you probably started to doubt if crypto is actually a bubble and are wondering how to get your first few hundred dollars invested. Perfect because we have a post just for you:

How to buy cryptocurrency?

If you have concerns if you should do it now, we also have a guide for you:

Should I buy Bitcoin now?

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Wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Buying cryptocurrencies is not the hard part. Storing it securely away from scammers and hackers is a much harder job. That's where wallets come in. Let's discuss them in more detail:

How to store Bitcoin? Creating a Bitcoin wallet.

How do I store Ethereum and other altcoins? More about cryptocurrency wallets

Now that you have that covered, have you heard of Gas and crypto transaction fees? No? Read these:

How much to pay for a Bitcoin transaction? Calculating Bitcoin fees in Satoshis.

What is Gas in Ethereum and how much should I pay for an Ethereum transaction?

Well done! You now have virtual money. You are probably wondering about how to start earning more? There are many ways, but one thing you absolutely shouldn't do is:

What is Pump and Dump and Why Should I avoid it?

Don't spend too much money when withdrawing money from exchanges! Better read our articles on it!

How to save on fees when transferring and withdrawing Bitcoin from exchanges?

How to Cash Out your Cryptocurrencies back into fiat?

Sometimes it is your destiny to lose money. It happens. It happened to me and happened to others around us. Read our post about how my friend lost 2 ETH to not fall for the same trick as he did.

How my friend lost 2 Ether

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