2018 Crypto Antirecords. Which cryptocurrencies fell most?

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The peak of the cryptocurrency market capitalisation happened on the 7th of January. Back then the market cap was $832 billion. It is currently $262 billion. The fall is quite significant, but some currencies fell more than the others.

Cryptocurrency antirecords 2018.

This rating was originally posted by News.bitcoin. The authors chose 10 coins which fell most significant in comparison to others.

Bitcoin Diamond.

At some point, people were giving an incredible $105 for 1 BCD coin, but today the price is $2.19. This is a 98% fall.

A screenshot from CoinMarketCap showing how Bitcoin Diamond fell in price

Bitcoin Gold.

Straight after the fork, the price of this crypto was $505. Later, the price fell to around $100, did a dead cat bounce and landed again at $44.

A chart from CoinMarketCap showing how the price of Bitcoin Gold BTG fell down


The price of this shitcoin went down from $2.83 to $0.11 in just 101 days. Experts claim the team are the ones to blame.

A chart from CoinMarket Cap showing how the price of Einsteinium fell down


The first Antminer A3s which worked with Siacoin were breaking even in 5 days. That's when Siacoin was bringing in $520 in a day. Today, the situation is bleak as the price of the coin fell 90% in the space of 83 days.

A screenshot showing how the price of Siacoin collapsed


NEM was a bit unlucky because of the hackers. After Coincheck exchange was hacked the price collapsed down to 22 cents. This is 89% down from the peaks of $2.09.

A chart from CoinMarketCap which illustrates how the price of NEM collapsed


Cardano became a classic example of a pump. In January people were paying $1.28 for 1 coin, but now you can barely sell it for $0.15.

A chart of the price fall of Cardano


Some people made quite a lot of money on Verge, but some lost quite a lot. $0.23 at the end of December vs. $0.03 in the last day of March.

A screenshot showing the fall of the price of Verge coin


If you've never heard of Bytecoin consider yourself lucky. It's 88% down.

A chart from CoinMarketCap showing how the price of Bytecoin fell


Same as Digibyte which is down 88% in the last 82 days.

How the price of Digibyte fell


Ripple was the reason for many tears. $3.68 at the start of January vs. the current price of $0.49. A lot of people are hoping for the upwards movement on this one.

A chart from CoinMarketCap showing how the price of Ripple fell

As a bonus, the authors have also made a list of the antirecord coins. You can see days since the peak on the right-hand side.

A screenshot showing the coins which fell most in price and the days since their All Time High

In 2018 the crypto market tends to scare people with its neverending fall. If you believe in crypto - stay patient and keep hodling.

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